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BeottcherDuring summer 2019, Seth Boettcher (3L) interned with the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and the Public Utility Commission of Texas, secured, respectively, through the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section and the Oil, Gas, and Energy Law Section of the Texas State Bar.

As a law clerk for the TWDB, Boettcher said he assisted with a variety of issues surrounding environmental law, water law, bonds, and participated in the agency rule-making process.  He supported the legal team by preparing legal memoranda on the authorization of federal and state funds, requirements of contracts with government entities, and deference to agencies in rule making. “Working at the TWDB was a unique experience because the TWDB supervises water and flood planning and provides financial assistance for waterworks projects,” Boettcher said. “It takes the cooperation of engineers, scientists, lawyers, and financial players to carry out its mission to inform and assist in the conservation and responsible development of water for Texas.”

As a law clerk for the PUC, Boettcher assisted with a variety of issues surrounding administrative and utility law. During his clerkship, he prepared legal memoranda involving electricity rate and rate-expense cases, checked citation briefs for the court, provided suggestions on telecommunication providers for eligible telecommunications carrier/providers, and attended administrative law hearings.  Boettcher said, “I enjoyed working at the PUC because it is one of the few state agencies that litigates. The PUC is a party to every case that falls under its purview to represent the public interest.”

Boettcher noted that he thoroughly enjoyed both the work and work environment at both of these governmental entities, as well as getting firsthand litigation experience. After graduation, Boettcher said he intends to practice environmental or energy law in either a firm or government capacity.

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